Making sense of the world

Jul 01

It is fascinating watching children make sense of their world, in matters ranging from the mundane to the miraculous. The three little people in our house are all currently trying to remove their teeth. It is very hard to explain the importance of tooth-brushing to the younger two when their current ambition is for their teeth to fall out like those of their big...

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Changing the world (or …Feeding back)

Jun 27

Yesterday I was given feedback, ranking, assessments and targets for my teacher training course, and realised that was something you miss as a mother – not the targets perhaps, but the feedback! The teacher ranking is quite brutal though – excellent, very good, adequate, or fail. Actually, on second thoughts, I think I don’t want my children to assess me at all...

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Mother’s Work

May 26

I realised how much my life had changed since having children, when I needed Toy Story 2 to remind me of the name of a work colleague I needed to contact. Asim (4) and Amaani (2) were attempting to have an in-depth discussion regarding Jessie the Cow-girl, which turned out to be inspirational to me given that my colleague is called Jessamy. The children,...

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On the slopes OR Playing and praying

Apr 01

My husband and I recently went with a family friend and all the children to see the children’s ‘Nonna’ (Italian for ‘Granny’) who lives in the French mountains. Each child needed extra-warm hats, gloves, boots, ski-outfits etc to be fully prepared for this expedition, so Asim (4) , Amaani (2) and I headed off into the English countryside to pick up items from an...

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Going Visiting

Mar 01

There is a hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad) about honouring a guest for a day and a night, and providing hospitality for three days. My sister, who is not Muslim, for some reason knows this particular hadith and used to happily remind me of it in the days when she needed her washing done or a bed for the night. Recently it has been our turn to be guests a...

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Wedding belles

Feb 01

We were recently invited to a Muslim wedding. On the way, I talked to Safiyya (7) about how much special it is to be married. I explained that Muslims do not really have boyfriends, only people they are intending to marry – we call these people fiancé’s. Safiyya understands immediately. “Oh yes, Sarah has had 6 fiance’s”, she confirms, referring to a teenage...

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