Life Lessons: Living in Peace. The tightrope from one faith to another can span a chasm of prejudice. Author Lucy Bushill-Matthews tells how she did it and kept her balance. “It’s been nearly twenty years since I turned my family’s world upside-down. When I chose to challenge my white, middle-class Christian. Read the interview

Woking’s People: Lucy’s next chapter. What inspired you to write the book? “When I visited one school in Woking to talk with the children about the Muslim experience of Ramadan, a child who had five Muslim schoolmates in his classroom asked me innocently, “what’s the weather like in their world?” If we are not careful… view

Changing Lanes. When I visited Lucy Bushill-Matthews at her Northcliff home in Johannesburg to discuss her book Welcome to Islam, a Convert’s Tale, she was well into the month-long fast of Ramadan, her seventeenth since her conversion to Islam in 1991 while she was at university. “The first time I fasted for Ramadan…more

Fiona Zerbst from Fairlady magazine speaks to Lucy Bushill-Matthews, author of ‘Welcome to Islam’ about balancing the realities facing Islam with humour. ‘’I wrote the book because moving to South Africa two years ago changed everything…Fairlady Interview


Muslims on the move. An English Muslim family finds a new home in Joburg. Ever since the first of my three children was born, we had lived on the same road of the same town in England. We walked to school and knew dozens of people locally – at the mosque, at the church, and around the town .… Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Tea with Lucy. It’s a fairly windy day, and all is quiet in the coffee shop on a waning Wednesday morning. I wait, flicking through a now slightly battered book whose cover depicts a serene archway peeking through to a beautiful mosque façade. It relates a journey, a series of adventures even… Read the interview